This “going yard” sausage may be cut up for a tasting for members of the media…but when it’s put together…it’s a full 16 and a half inches that everyone has come to snap their insta-worthy photos for.

Dodger Stadium is famous for the iconic 'Dodger Dog,' but these days cuisine at the stadium is diversifying in an attempt to keep pace with the increasing diversification of Los Angeles food culture.

That's why you'll find new items, like the 'Going Yard,' a 16 1/2-inch jalapeno-cheddar-bacon Maestro sausage topped with avocado, corn, relish, grilled onion, and sour cream.

It’s one of the handful of new items you can taste this season at Dodger Stadium. Executive Chef Ryan Evans will tell you the stadium food choices, like this al pastor seasoned sausage, are a reflection of Los Angeles' diversity.

“Great people bring great food and great culture and I think that’s the real selling point on what we do here at Dodger stadium,” said Evans.

So when you live in a melting pot with so much delicious food, how does something make the list? Like the new California Roll Bowl or the Esquite?

In Evans case, he simply lives by the words of wisdom from the first chef he ever worked for.

“Don’t give them everything the first year. So I may have 200 things I want to showcase, you know and maybe every year I give you five,” said Evans.

At least it keeps the fans coming back for more.


And speaking of the fans, Evans says it’s really a collaborative effort and his ideas change based on that fan feedback and what the stadium is missing.


And in an Instagram world, he can have immediate communication with fans through social media, especially when they’re at the stadium and want to find exactly what they’re looking for.

“'Hey, I’m here at the game, I’d really like to try the Dodger sausage, I’m on loge. Where can I go?' And instantly I can tell them, 'You can go here, you can go there,' and I think that’s what’s helped us,” said Evans.

And there are options for everyone. Vegetarian? Then try the Beyond Burger, which is plant-based. Gluten free? How about the Chicken burrito bowl or tacos on corn tortillas? Feeling something light? The fresh summer green salad has got you covered.

But if you’re more the traditional ballgame type, you might try one of the sausages if you want to branch out from the Dodger Dog.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about living up the L.A.’s rich food culture and the needs of the fans.

“Staying true to who we are here at Dodger Stadium and giving the fans what they want," said Evans.