This isn't an ordinary Vietnamese restaurant. You actually won't even find Pho at Khong Ten. This is New Vietnamese with no name.

"Khong Ten means no name. There is no name for the Vietnamese food we cook here. It's never been seen before," said owner Kim Vu.

Kim is Vietnamese and wanted to bring a new take to the traditional cuisine she grew up eating. She feels Vietnamese food has not really been modernized.

"It is evolved Vietnamese, taking it to a new place," Vu said.

You will find traditional flavors and ingredients from Vietnam but shown in a new way. This is seen in the burger bon mi.

"We’ve taken the backbone of Vietnamese cuisine in those flavor profiles and ingredients. We incorporate them with new ingredients that are not in traditional Vietnamese dishes," Vu said.

Khong Ten has only been open for five months and their popularity is growing. It even got the attention of "Fresh Off the Boat" actor Hudson Yang. At age 15, this is the first restaurant he has invested in.

The menu changes seasonlly in order to use the freshest ingredients.

Khong Ten

11520 Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064