Shamrocks flooded room 1010 of City Hall. Tom Bergin‘s, a local, some say historic pub, is up for Historical-Cultural Monument status.

  • Longstanding Irish bar considered for historic status
  • Meeting has recently held with supporters and detractors
  • Status was granted, although bar remains closed


The meeting was standing room only with supporters and opponents of granting the building the status. The vote was important to members of the community especially, Tom Bergin‘s granddaughter Katie Bergin.

"We grew up with the neighborhood and people from all over Los Angeles going there. It continues to be a huge part of everyone's lives," said Bergin.

One by one about 40 supporters got up and spoke in front of the Cultural Heritage Commission about their special moments in the bar.

Bergin said the bar was her living room and everyone’s living room. She says her grandfather would want Tom Bergin's to live on.  

"He was so proud of that place," she said.

But there were still many in the room who do not think Tom Bergin's should receive protected status.

One of those is the current owner Derek Schrenk. He says the business has closed multiple times throughout its history and has not been successful in years. But even though he's against granting the status, he still has love for the bar. 

"No one loves Tom Bergin’s more than I do. I was a patron before I bought it," said Schrenk.

At the end of the almost four-hour meeting, the commission decided to recommend Tom Bergin's to become a Historical-Cultural Monument. The nomination will now go to City Council for a full vote.

Whether Tom Bergin's receives the status or not, it still may not be a bar or restaurant again, but Katie Bergin hopes so.

"I know for Derek, the owner, it may be difficult. He may not get as much money as he would from someone who would knock it down and rebuild. And I feel for him. But my hope would be for it to still be a restaurant," said Bergin.

Tom Bergin's has been closed for about a year now and remains unoccupied at present time.