Having clean clothes is important, for personal hygiene and to make a good impression. That's why Nakai is taking advantage of the free services offered at The Huntington Park Parroquia.

  • Homelessness non-profit launches to knew service to help with laundry
  • Service helps homeless and those who can't afford to do their own laundry
  • The free service helped one homeless young man prepare for a job interview

Nakai is currently homeless.

He's been bouncing around from friends’ homes and sometimes sleeps in his friends' cars. He came here to pick out new clothes, get a haircut, and even take a free shower, all offered by the non-profit Shower of Hope.

"I’m really glad I came, because it is hard living out on the streets not being able to shower and not having clean clothes," says Nakai.

The aspect that excited him the most was the laundry truck.

It's a new venture started by Jodie Dolan. She volunteered with the Shower of Hope and realized people took showers only to put their dirty clothes back on. She felt she needed to help people who could not afford to do their own laundry.

"It’s expensive to do laundry and do it regularly. It’s definitely something that is needed that we do not think about. But it's probably not the first place you would use your money if you had limited resources," says Dolan.

Nakai says he would rather use his money for food and transportation instead of for laundry. But looking presentable is important to him. He is even going on a job interview and wanted to dress to impress.

"I want to look presentable enough to get a job. I don’t want to walk into a place with my hair messed up and haven’t showered with dirty clothes. I want to look as clean as possible," says Nakai.

The Laundry Truck is in its pilot stages and is looking for volunteers. Jodie hopes to have the truck in multiple locations across Los Angeles throughout the week. 

To donate go here and proceeds from DOLAN purchases go right to the truck.