LOS ANGELES, CA – Thirteen-year-old Hannah Karanick created a project called “Hannah’s Helping Hands” after she witnessed a second grader being teased at school. 

  • Teen creates project after witnessing bullying
  • Goal to help students who are less fortunate
  • School leaders help identify students in need

“I saw him getting teased for his bad hygiene and for not having clean clothes. I wanted to help him, but didn’t know what to do,” said Karanick, an eighth grader in Anaheim. 

Karanick remembers the boy not owning a backpack and wearing the same outfit to school every day. Instead of joining the other kids bullying the student or turning a blind eye, Karanick created the project to help him and other students at her school. 

“I realized that people don’t have clean clothes and normal hygienic items,” said Karanick. 

Her mother, Christina Karanick, says her daughter was inspired to do more after she was given an assignment by her AVID teacher to volunteer in the community. Karanick decided to collect donations to purchase items for less fortunate students like hygiene and toiletry products, backpacks, shirts and sweatshirts. She even got her grandmother, Nancy Sultzer, to make hand-tied quilts. 

“Somebody had made this by hand and that somebody cares about them. Not only through Hannah’s project because she’s obviously showing compassion,” said Sultzer.

Sultzer says she has made every single one of her grandchildren quilts and hopes that the children who receive these new quilts will feel the love and compassion her grand-daughter has for them.

Karanick’s family have also fostered children in their home through the years. Their daughter says living with children who grew up not having the same opportunities she has also inspired her to help people. 

Karanick got permission from the principal and school leaders at a school in Anaheim to store the items on campus in a private room. Teachers and staff-members help Karanick by identifying students who could benefit from the project. 

Recently, Karanick received the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, which recognizes students across the country who are helping to make their communities better. 

“I also want to thank Prudential Spirit for giving me the award, but I also hope that this recognition will inspire people around the world to help the less fortunate,” said Karanick. 

Her project has helped about 50 students over the last few months. Despite this, Karanick knows she can’t help everyone in the world, but she’s proud that she’s been able to help people in her own community. 

To help Karanick’s goal in helping local students, visit her website Hannah's Helpful Hands here