Chef Wayne Elias is making Sir Elton John's favorite sandwich. It's a grilled cheese, but there’s a twist.

  • 'Chef to the Stars' prepping for Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscar Party
  • Massive operation involves serving 5,000 plates and employs 120 serving staff
  • This year is particularly special as Sir Elton is doing his farewell tour

“He does love these grilled cheese sandwiches I’m making on raisin bread,” said Chef Wayne. 

For the 15th year in a row, the Chef Wayne is prepping for one of the biggest parties of the year and no pressure, but name a big name, and odds are, they’ll be eating his food come Sunday night. 

“If you’re not going to the Oscars Governors Ball, you’re going to Elton John's party,” he said. 

It’s the 27thAnnual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards viewing party. Chef Wayne and Crumble Catering are handling the night's menu once again, which of course includes Sir Elton's favorites sandwich.

As Chef Wayne made one, he explained how he and Crumble Catering truly are Hollywood A -listers go-to”A team. A couple weeks ago they catered the Steven Tyler's Grammys party. Now, for the biggest night in Hollywood, they're pulling out all the stops. 

“We fine tune by December, we do a tasting in January, and this week here we go, three days out we start to cook and get ready,” he said.

It's an operation of mass proportions.

“The dinner is a five-course dinner we serve, so that's, 5,000 plates in three and a half hours with 120 servers. We have 120 servers, 60 in the kitchen, 10 bartenders, 10 bar backs, and 20 wine pourers,” he said.  

He gives strict orders to his team.

"No social media, no posting, no photographs,” he said. 

Because the night is all about the foundation. Since 1992, it's raised over $400 million for people affected by AIDS. 

“Sir Elton John is very humble, friendly to everybody, greets everybody with respect, recognizes all the same staff we bring in year after year for his event,” he said. 

This year is particularly special, as Sir Elton John is also in the midst of his farewell tour. 

“This year I’m sure he’ll be performing, you never know. I’m sure it’ll be a surprise, but I suspect he will play,” he said. 

But only after he gets his favorite appetizer, of course. ​