VENICE, Calif. — This restaurant is so romantic, the pasta is even pink.

  • Barrique is number 5 on Yelp's most romantic restaurant list
  • Chef Antonio, wife Francesca moved from Italy to serve unique cuisine
  • They are expecting about 250 people Valentine's Day night

Chef Antonio puts love and passion into every dish he makes at Barrique, and it shows. The red beet angiolini is a star of the menu.

"People say the red beet angiolini is orgasmic. It’s so good," Antonio said.

Antonio moved from Italy to the United States with his wife Francesca to serve his unique cuisine in Los Angeles.

The couple actually opened Barrique 10 years ago this month, which Antonio says is good luck because it's the month of love.

It seems like love is Barrique's good luck charm. According to Yelp, it is the fifth most romantic restaurant in the country. It is also the only one on that list in Los Angeles.

Yelp's method in the rankings was identifying restaurants with a large number of reviews mentioning the words romantic, Valentine’s Day, and date night. They then rank those spots but only pick two restaurants per metropolitan area to ensure diversity.

Antonio didn’t mean for his spot to be known as romantic, but looking back, he understands why.

"It is the experience we give at this restaurant. Between the service, small tables, the candle light, the attention to the customer, that’s what they like," Antonio said.

Between the delicious food, quaint atmosphere, and candle lit tables, couples can’t help but coming for a romantic date.

They are expecting about 250 people Valentine's Day night. If you couldn’t snag a table for the holiday, Barrique will make it feel like Valentine’s Day any day of the year.

796 Main St.
Venice, CA 90291