Single mom, Kiki Ayers is ready to face the day like most mothers. But her story of overcoming hardship is unlike most others.

Recently, she was busy making big moves as a publicist at one of the Grammys weekend’s big events. She makes celebrities feel at home these days, but just two years ago, she had no home. 

  • Woman went from being homeless to being a successful publicist
  • In charge of planning Snoop Dogg's party for the Grammy Awards
  • She credits her young son for inspiring her success

One of the hostels she stayed in was Gramercy Place.

It wasn’t the first time Ayers had found herself homeless. Her family lived in a car while she grew up in Seattle because of her mom’s health issues. After graduating college, she landed in Los Angeles.  But after losing a job she once again had nowhere to go. 

“I was just asking myself, 'How did you get yourself in this situation where you living in a really nice apartment to sleeping on this bunk bed?'” Ayers said. 

She fought back by starting her own publicity company from home, and slowly built a client list. Within a year she was planning events for Floyd Mayweather and Jamie Foxx. And this Grammys weekend she’s controlling the publicity for Snoop Dogg’s huge party.

“We love the people behind the scenes. Shout out to all the people who make it happen,” Snoop said. 

“We’re just in little over a year and doing Snoop's event for pre-Grammy event. That’s amazing, ” Ayers added. 

“The ones that get no credit. The ones behind the scenes who put it together and make it look like it’s supposed to look,” Snoop continued.

Ayers' work has been honored by the city of Los Angeles among others.  Because of her little inspiration (her child) she’s motivated to do much more.

“I was just want to make sure he’s set no matter what he’s supposed to do. Just teach him about business at a really early age,” Ayers said. 

She believes her rapid rise from the bottom is a message to everyone.

“It could happen to anyone. People think people end up homeless because they’re lazy. No, people can lose their job after 30 years and end up homeless,“ Ayers added. 

From working at home to the red carpets - in the end, she's just a mom trying to make it like everyone else.