Dot Red Art Tours take you on an immersive experience where you get insight and expertise. You can learn the story behind the art.

"Sharing what art means beyond the work. Sharing what art means to people," says Jeremy Quant

Quant created Dot Red. He wanted to show Angelenos all the art around them. He guides tours at the LA Art Show with galleries of art from all around the world and right here at home.

He helps explain what the pieces are and even introduces his group to different artists.

"When an artist is vulnerable, it deserves to be shared with the public," says Quant.

The LA Art Show only happens once a year, so for the other days, Dot Red holds tours all across L.A. From Downtown to Santa Monica, Quant says art is everywhere.

One tour goes outside to see the street art of Downtown. This group even got a special surprise, an artist was working on a mural and was able to tell the group about it. You will never know what to expect on these tours.

They even got an inside look at a studio and a gallery. As an artist himself, Quant is proud to give art lovers and newcomers alike this cultural experience.

"This is my passion. This is what I’m here for. This is what I dedicated my life to. I hope that what I can share is just a catalyst for what other people experience," says Quant.

These art tours give you history, context, and insider access to the art of Los Angeles.