LOS ANGELES, CA – Despite the official United Teachers Los Angeles strike being postponed until January 14, parents, teachers, and students were out in the streets to show their support.

  • UTLA stike postponed to January 14
  • Chants of “the parents united, will never be divided”
  • Battle over lower class sizes

As the children were chanting with their signs, people passing by in their cars honked to show their support. 

One of the concerned parents, Molly Libby, said she couldn't just sit at home and do nothing. Libby and a group of parents, along with their kids, came out to support the teachers fight against the district. 

“We should all be using our voices to speak out about things that are important to us,” said Libby.

Chants of “the parents united, will never be divided,” could be heard on the corner of Topanga Canyon and Ventura, and united they were Wednesday night with custom signs.

The day before Libby and other parents got on a group chat to organize this demonstration.  

With phone in hand scrolling down the group text Libby said, “since the strike was pushed back, this still needed to happen. So that maybe more parents will be inspired to keep doing the same thing to get the district's attention.”

Libby said that the demonstration came about because she, like so many other parents, sympathizes with what the teacher’s union is asking for in lower class sizes, additional support like nurses, and counselors, as well as a pay raise.

Libby tells Spectrum News 1, “I feel like the more we can show the district and everyone else that the teachers have the parents support, maybe we can avoid the strike.”