MALIBU, CA – When Bob Morris defended his family business from the flames of the deadly Woolsey Fire, they had yet to see the worst of it. 

  • Business owner still impacted by Woolsey Fire
  • Rain could lead to more devastation
  • Created fortress around business with sand bags

“The fire could’ve been the easiest part and it was horrible. If the mud starts moving, it’ll take houses down. It’s unbelievable," said Morris. 

Since the fire left the land around Paradise Cove charred, any rain event could lead to devastation. More than two months after the fire, a fortress remains around his business with 24,000 sandbags, and 245 pickle barrels filled with sand.

“If we have a lot of rain and mud whatever we’re doing isn’t going to be enough but we’re doing the best we can,” Morris said. 

Since much of Malibu looks like Armageddon, as a few people described it, business has been just as dark. 

“People are afraid whether the roads are open, whether there’s mud or running they’ve heard a lot of stuff,” Morris said.

According to Morris, his business recently had the quietest day it has had in 10 years. They are doing what they can to tell people they are open, and try and get customers to come back. 

They won’t be out of the woods for a while, Morris said it will take three years for the vegetation to truly grow back and get rooted. In the short term, they are working to get to April, and then they will sleep better at night. 

“If you’re going live in Malibu, you’re going to have floods and earthquakes and high surf, that’s something you have to understand when you buy into it,” said Morris. 

Morris said maybe he won’t ever sleep soundly, but as long as people start coming back to his business, he will sleep well enough.