NATIONWIDE -- How about this for a Thanksgiving treat: Disney just released the first teaser trailer for The Lion King.

  • Disney drops first teaser trailer for "The Lion King"
  • Film stars Donald Glover, Beyonce, James Earl Jones
  • "The Lion King" hits theaters July 19, 2019

The live-action remake of the 1994 original reintroduces viewers to Simba (Donald Glover), who returns to Pride Rock to take his place as king. 

The film also stars JD McCrary as young Simba, Beyonce as Nala, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar and John Kani as Rafiki. Billy Eichner and Seth Rogan are the voices of Simba's friends Timon and Pumbaa, while John Oliver will voice Zazu. John Favreau (The Jungle Book) directs. 

The trailer opens with a voice over from Mufasa as he speaks to Simba.

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom," he says. "But a king's time as ruler, rises and falls like the sun. One day, the sun will set on my time here and will rise with you as the new king."

The clip also includes several shots of the animal kingdom and gives us the first glimpses at Rafiki and baby Simba.

The Lion King is the latest to join Disney's roster of live-action adaptation which includes Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. They will soon be followed by Dumbo, Aladdin, Mulan and Lady and the Tramp

The film was first teased at Disney's D23 Expo in California last year, with select clips screened exclusively to attendees. 

The Lion King is set to hit theaters July 19, 2019.