There were two major tragedies that affected Southern California in the past week. One family experienced them both.

Desiriee E., who didn't want her last name revealed, was at the Borderline Bar and Grill the night a gunman came into the Thousand Oaks country music venue and opened fire.

"Suddenly you hear 'bang, bang' and you're like, 'oh is that a sound effect?' And then you hear screams. And you start hearing shrieks and shrills and you hear people saying 'Get low! Get low!'" Desiriee recalled. "I didn't bother to look back."

Desiriee was one of the lucky ones. She managed to escape the bar with just a few cuts and bruises. Twelve other Borderline patrons that night weren't so lucky.

But then the unthinkable happened again. Mere hours after having escaped the shooting, Desiriee and her family were forced to evacuate because of the Woolsey fire as it raged through their Malibu neighborhood.

"Escaping Borderline and then being on the freeway just stuck in bumper to bumper traffic," said Desiriee. "You just see the smoke coming closer and closer. Wow. Might have to deal with a near-death experience one more time."

Thankfully Desiriee, her sister, mother and father escaped the fire safely. Unfortunately, their home was among the more than 483 structures destroyed by the fire.

"I think our home is really gone, and my family made so many sacrifices to build that home," said Desiriee's sister, fighting back tears.

Desiriee and her family are now learning how to process these two tragic events that have now changed their lives forever. 

"I mean, I really can't even put it into words what it feels like to lose your home or have your sister be in a shooting. I mean, how do you cope with that?" said Desiriee's sister. 

Karen, Desiriee's mother, remains grateful that the family is safe and they are all together. Despite all of their loss, the family remains hopeful.

"We have lost all of our material things but the important thing is we have each other, and we can rebuild. We can move on," said Karen.

"Home is where your family is."

For now, Desiriee, Karen and the family are taking it one day at a time.