You’ll find any shop you want in downtown Laguna Beach, such as The T-Shirt Company. However, Diane Valentino says there's one thing that remains elusive.

“We don’t have a lot of parking,” she explained.

Valentino has worked here, and thus relied on tourists, for four years.

“We're very tourist oriented, about 90 percent are visiting,” Valentino said

Enter the Laguna Beach Trolley.

“It started small and grew and grew,” Valentino noted. “It’s an unusual town in it’s very long (shaped).”

The trolley is free and makes stops all over the Coast Highway. It now even has its own Visit Laguna Beach App, so you can see real time locations of the trolley.

“It’s helpful controlling traffic and parking,” Valentino said.

It keeps people moving, in and out of stores. For a place that relies so heavily on tourists, that’s a blessing.

So now, shopping is just a hop, skip and trolley ride away.