If you've passed by Pico Boulevard on Miracle Mile lately, you've probably noticed something different -- bright purple curb extensions.

Streets make up 15 percent of all land in Los Angles, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti's office, which is why the mayor launched his Great Streets Initiative aimed at empowering, connecting, and developing neighborhoods.

As part of the program, which launched in 2014, a total of 15 streets were chosen to receive funding for upgrades.

One of those streets is Pico Boulevard on Miracle Mile, where the intersections at Hauser Boulevard and Curson Avenue are getting major makeovers.

The Pico Great Streets Collaborative has led the charge for the neighborhood. The changes include adding purple curb extensions and an outdoor play area known as Coloring Book Plaza.

One family walks the streets of Miracle Mile weekly and visits Coloring Book Plaza.

Mother of three, Amber, feels there are no parks nearby for families to enjoy, but she's happy the Coloring Book Plaza was created as a safer place for her kids.

While walking her children to the plaza, she passed the purple curb extensions which are supposed to stop cars from turning too closely to the sidewalk. Amber says in her 10 years of living in the area, she has seen three car accidents happen right in front of her. She hopes the Great Streets Initiative will cut down on the number of accidents.

The project comes as California leads the nation with the highest number of pedestrian deaths in the first half of 2017, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association.

The goal is for Pico Great Streets to create even more changes as the year continues.

The program will include a new crosswalk at Masselin, a full traffic light at Burnside, more curb extensions, more trees and benches, painted signal boxes, a pedestrian head start at every light, and two speed feedback signs.