Many Southern California colleges are working to keep classes in session this fall as they navigate virtual learning. California State University, Fullerton made the decision early on to plan for incorporating virtual classes to start the school year. 

Ellen Treanor, associate vice president of strategic communications at Cal State Fullerton, tells Inside the Issues the university never expected classes would continue virtually through the semester, they have done their best to prepare students and faculty for what to expect the rest of the year. 

“In the beginning we were completely convinced that fall would be fine. That we would flatten the curve and we would all be back on-campus,” she said. “And then as things changed, we pivoted and said we’ll prepare for virtual and then move online as quickly as we can.”

Virtual learning and online classes are different, Treanor said, and planning for virtual learning presents its own set of challenges. 

“Virtual education is really the faculty members teaching synchronously with the students, only it’s virtual, it’s online in that respect,” she said. “Online education, usually, the pieces are taped and students watch it and it’s kind of self-paced.”

Classes that can’t be taught virtually, like labs and performances, will be held in person, and the administrators will follow protocols for keeping people safe such as distancing and wearing face coverings, if required by health officials.

According to Treanor, registration and enrollment for the fall has stayed on track, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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