WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – At Goal Sports Cafe, sports fans can find just about everything they might need.

"We have about 14 TVs inside and outside and a large projector.  We have 9 beers on tap," said Assistant Manager Ally Gordon.

But there is still one thing missing, sports betting.


"It’s shocking that it’s still illegal. It’s an American past time," Gordon said.  "Everybody’s doing it anyway, so why not do it legally."

Gordon was behind the bar on this particular night. She says it would be a huge money maker for the business and potentially its customers.

"They’re going to want to spend more money being here because they’re going to be winning money. They’re going to want to stay to watch the games, so it would just be one of the best things that we could do for sports bars," she said.

If approved, Gordon says the bar has already talked about getting betting machines.




"It’s kind of like what you would do if you got a lottery ticket, where you go in, you place your bet, you get the ticket back, and the money comes out of the machine, almost like an ATM," Gordon said.

"It keeps you interested in games that you normally wouldn’t be interested in," said Jason Berger, a sports fan who comes in a few times a week.

He showed off some of the betting apps on his phone that he can only use when he is in Las Vegas.

"My parents live out there, so I’m sitting in the bedroom at my parent’s house and I’m just like, 'Yeah, I’ll put $10 on this game or $15 on this game' and you just do it from your app.  You put it in.  You’re good to go.  You don’t have to go to the casino," Berger said.

And it’s that level of convenience he would like to see come to California.  

"Tax the hell out of it, hopefully pay it back to the schools," he said.

Berger says it would even give more boring sports a boost.

"It makes everything more interesting because you’re investing in it," he said.

The most he has won?

"Probably $250.  Nothing crazy.  I don’t bet crazy."

He enjoys betting on basketball and says he looks forward to March when he gets together with his buddies for March Madness every year.

"We have a group of guys that will fly out and we all go to the Mirage Sports Book, which has always been the best sports book for us," Berger said.

Nobody knows when California will legalize sports betting, but Berger says when the moment arrives.

"I’ll be one of the first to throw down some cash."

You can bet on it.