There are currently about 1.6 million seniors in Los Angeles County and by the year 2060, 1 in 4 Angelenos will be a senior citizen.

Alex Cohen talks to Brandi Orton, Director of Government Relations and Advocacy at Saint Barnabas Senior Services, about why it is so hard to keep a roof over your head as a senior.

Renters who have historically lived in affordable neighborhoods are being pushed out due to these areas becoming popular and they face living on the streets.

She says one resource for people is shared housing.

“We have more bedrooms in Los Angeles County than we have people,” Orton said.

She wants to change the way we think about housing.

“If you’ve ever looked at a homeless individual or considered yourself in the face of homelessness and you’ve never looked at that person and saw yourself, potentially, in that person, then that right there is part of the problem," she said. "We all can play a part in this, but we all have to challenge our own beliefs.”