Kids aren’t the only ones who get bullied, It happens to grown ups too. We sat down with Dave Monderine who is the field supervisor for Get Safe USA.

It is based in Tustin and offers bully prevention training for adults. Monderine says bullying can cause long lasting effects on people and they want to equip people in the workplace with the tools to respond properly if faced with a bullying type of situation.

For example, he explains how keeping a paper trail of events can help protect a victim of bullying in the workplace.

He wants people to feel empowered after their training. He also says companies need to have clear bullying and harassment policies that are implemented equally for the Vice President and a new junior employee.

Renee Eng also talks with Dr. Armand Dorian, Chief Medical Officer for Verdugo Hills Hospital of USC about the current status of COVID-19. Dorian explains what’s fact and what’s fiction. 

He explains that besides washing your hands, which you should for for 20 seconds, you should cough in your elbow and maintain a 6-foot radius between yourself and others.

If you’re sick, he says to stay home.

He is in favor of the governor’s executive order to use hotels temporarily for patients with COVID-19 to help with a surge of infected people that could overwhelm hospitals. One of his biggest concerns is the homeless population. He sees the virus could them spread quickly in homeless communities because they live close together and have little to no hygiene.

He worries that once infected, the homeless will go to county hospitals and infect others. Dorian says state and local government needs to develop a plan quickly to address that potential problem. He also says having more testing available for people who are experiencing symptoms will help control some of the anxiety surrounding COVID-19. 

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