ALHAMBRA, Calif. — Many times, we hear about women who have been abused by their male partners, but what about men who have been victims of domestic abuse by females?

Jose Garcia is a therapist who is highlighting a lesser-known issue in domestic violence cases: violence against men by their spouses and partners.

Garcia said he suffered physical and verbal abuse from his ex-wife for several years. He claims she would beat him repeatedly, but feared reporting her to authorities because of his immigration status.

They also had recently had a baby together, and he didn’t want to lose his son. 

“You think you are in love and that you are forming a family, but as time went by, I was being punched and yelled at. I was scared because of my immigration status,” he said.

Garcia received many counseling sessions to overcome the trauma that he lived. He is now helping other victims like Rogelio heal.

Rogelio, who asked to keep his last name private, said the therapies saved his life. 

“I was really depressed because of the physical and verbal abuse that i was living with, but thanks to Jose I was able to overcome that depression,” said Rogelio.

Garcia has also helped dozens of domestic abuse victims petition for a legal status in the country.

“I just hope more men will come forward and seek our help, so that they can live a better life,” he said.

He said he will continue to raise awareness about how men also suffer in silence, and that domestic violence has no gender.

Anyone interested in reaching out to Jose Garcia can do so at 213-368-2743.

His therapies consist of 12 sessions and are free to all men who been victims of domestic violence by their female partner.

His classes are given via Zoom every Tuesday at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.