LOS ANGELES — Pet owners who haven’t microchipped their animals may be able to get it done for free through Los Angeles Animal Services Centers.

Microchips are injected under an animal’s skin and contain a unique number that can be read by scanners in case the pet is lost.

Microchips are used by numerous animal organizations and veterinary clinics to identify pets if they do not have a collar or identification tag or if such IDs have fallen off. LA Animal Services scans all animals that are admitted to its shelters for microchips. If one is found, the shelter contacts the microchip maker’s database to get in touch with the pet’s owner.

The city agency for pet health and safety ordinarily charges $15 for the service but is offering it at no charge while supplies last, courtesy of a grant from the California Animal Welfare Funders Collaborative. To make an appointment, visit the LA Animal Services website or call (888) 452-7381.