VERNON, Calif. — Pink snouts and sad eyes are all that can be seen through the holes of these trucks. As pigs, some only 6 months old, arrive at Farmer John’s.

Bobby Sud is a vegan, activist who comes here every Sunday to show love and kindness, as well as give water, in the animals’ final moments.

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“They just drink it up, because they’ve been on the trucks for at least 24 hours without food or water,” said Sud.

LA Animal Save, part of The Save Movement is joined by Animal Alliance Network to host these vigils in Los Angeles, while over 700 Save Movement groups hold them worldwide. Pigs are one of the smartest animals and according to PETA, can feel pain and suffering.

“The only difference between these pigs and your cat or dog is that the pigs are smarter. If this was a truck full of cats or dogs going to the slaughter, there would be riots,” said Sud.

But Sud wasn’t always speaking out for the lives of pigs. He’s actually from Austin, Texas and grew up eating BBQ and burgers.

Four years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes, so he moved to L.A. and made a health change.

“I adopted a whole food, plant-based diet. I reversed my diabetes and lost 100 pounds,” said Sud.

Then after coming to his first vigil, it went from health to activism.

“There’s something about standing in front of a truck and looking an animal in the eye who is about to die. If you’re an activist, it will give you more power to be a better activist and if you’re not, it’s gonna make you one,” said Sud.



All are welcome to these Sunday gatherings. Vegans and meat eaters have joined together to bear witness to these pigs.

Farmer John’s is aware that this takes place and Sud says they owe it all to Vernon Police Department who make sure the trucks stop for at least two minutes and that everyone stays safe.

This is a love movement and they are not trying to spread hate.

“We have no hate for truck drivers. No hate for slaughterhouse workers. They are not evil, they are just filling a demand. It’s all happening because people want to eat meat,” said Sud.

It’s all about spreading awareness, showing love, comfort, peace, and most importantly being there for the pigs.

If you would like to attend the pig vigil, or the cow and chicken vigils, click here for details.