LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Kush Company’s edibles are sweeter than candy for the people who shop there.

The general manager, Josh, used to work in Silicon Valley. But when the legal cannabis dispensary opened last year, he knew he wanted to be a part of it.

“Kind of knew cannabis was like the wild west, good opportunity for growth so I took the leap,” Josh said.

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At the shop in downtown Los Angeles, you can find product in plant form, edibles, vapes, CBD oils, and more. Despite all the competition from the black market, they still get 300 customers per day. But why?

“I Would say the experience man, the experience. When you walk into the shop, it’s like you’re stepping out of Los Angeles, coming into a nice upscale dispensary,” Josh said. “We have all the exclusive brands from Los Angeles Kush. Pretty much have a one stop shop.”

It is about the culture beyond the cannabis. They sell clothing like tee-shirts, hoodies, and more.

“Cause it speaks Los Angeles. We keep it real urban. We try to add meaning behind our fashion, outside of just cannabis fashion,” said Josh.

All of it adding up to the perfect formula of success, with customers of all ages and races. It’s here you get three and a half grams of product for $50. It’s a little more expensive than buying from illegal vendors, but it doesn’t stop people from visiting this established dispensary.

“I always get a great welcome here and they have the best stuff that I always like. Always the best herbs and concentrates,” one customer said.

“I notice they always have the most legit stuff, the most top quality. So, that’s why I always come here,” said another customer.

It’s a quality shop which caters to average Joe.

“Not only do we speak it, we also show it,” said Josh.

It is why Josh is confident he will be stocking these shelves for years to come, without worry of competitors legal or illegal.