Scroll through your Instagram feed nowadays and you’ll come across plenty of likeable pets. From pigs to dogs, animal photos are commonplace on the popular social media platform. 

And while almost anyone can take a good photo, not everyone can take pictures as well as two Los Angeles-based dogs named Kokoro and Chibi.

The American Eskimo and Corgi are many things, loveable, furry, photogenic, and marketable. In fact, the two are part of an elite social media class known as "pet influencers." 

But what exactly is a pet influencer? According to the dogs' owner, Emily Wang, it's, "[someone] who with their pets likes to create content, has a little bit of a following, and is engaging with their community that way."

Wang, like many dog-owners, began taking photos of her dogs early on. As she began to post them to her social media feed, she found her account growing to over 200K followers. 

Now in addition to a full-time job, Wang's day includes things like editing, photo shoots, and teaching her pooches new tricks. 

"Chibi is very food-motivated, so she’ll do anything," Wang says with a smile. "Whatever it takes for a cookie. Kokoro is very very smart, she picks up tricks within 10 repetitions and American Eskimos love pleasing their owners."


While tricks like spins and high fives make for great content, a simple photo is what many of her followers are looking for. 


"I think that people just love cute animal content," she explained. "It’s just a good way to keep your days positive and there’s no way to really look at a cute dog photo and not feel better about your day."

As a pet influencer, Wang is approached by brands to produce sponsored content. Someone with a million followers can make as much as $15,000 per post. Because Wang and her dogs produce content as a side job, she commands on average a few thousand per post.  

"I do know and I have friends who do this for a living and have no other jobs," she said. "But for me, it's just fun."

"It’s always good to come home and have someone run up to you with their tails wagging," Wang continued with a laugh.