PASADENA, Calif. — Pasadena renters will begin to see the effects of Measure H on Thursday.

Last month, Pasadena voters approved the rent control ballot initiative, which restricts the amounts landlords can increase rent, rolls back rent and provides eviction protections. Here are the key Measure H provisions taking effect.

Rent increase limit

Landlords can only raise a tenant’s rent once per year and at a rate that is no more than 75% of the annual rate of inflation.

Rent rollback

Renters whose units were built before Feb. 1, 1995, that are not a condo or only unit on a lot can start paying the rent they were charged for that space on May 17, 2021, regardless of how much the rent may have increased since then. Landlords who want to increase rent from that May 17, 2021, level need to serve their tenants with a 30-day notice of the increase. For tenants who moved in before that date, landlords are restricted to a 6% rent increase. For tenants who moved in after that date, the allowed increase ranges from .5 to 5%, depending on the exact month they took occupancy.

Eviction protections

Evictions will require just cause, such as a tenant not paying rent or somehow breaching a lease. Landlords who issue no-fault evictions will need to provide relocation assistance.

New rental board

The City of Pasadena will establish a rental board to implement and enforce the new rent control provisions.

New rental registry

The city will also establish a registry to track data, including who owns a property, how much rent is charged and whether any complaints have been filed.