LOS ANGELES — Not needing much, just some peace and space for him and his dog, Kevin Dimarco has been living on the streets of Venice Beach for the last 11 years, and without an actual tent, Dimarco said he just looks for a safe place to lay his head. 

What You Need To Know

  • Kevin Dimarco has been living on the streets of Venice Beach for the last 11 years

  • He said it was a broken heart that led him to become homeless after he had a mental breakdown when he completed raising his kids without his wife in the picture

  • He is looking forward to housing community officials have offered

  • He said he does not want a shared shelter; instead, he wants a private space for him and his dog

"I sleep wherever my head lays me, and I feel safe. Most times, we go out to the beach, though. But with him [his dog], I don't have to worry about too much because someone walks up on me; he pretty much lets me know," he explained.

Dimarco lives an old-school lifestyle. He uses a portable radio and flashlight to keep himself informed and aware.

A broken heart led Dimarco to live on the streets after he raised his kids on his own without his wife in the picture. He also suffered from a mental breakdown. 

Dimarco, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, said aggressive behavior from the outside can be problematic. People are often scared of him when they see him sleeping in public places.

"I've had security guards try to hit me with a flashlight. Man, the security guards are sometimes worse than the cops, I think. But it is rough out here. People think it's easy. It's not easy one bit," he said.

Having the companionship of his dog has made it more bearable for Dimarco. 

Recently community officials have approached him offering housing. He said he would be open to it as long as it is private and not a communal shelter.

While he has his doubts, he does look forward to the possibility of a few things he has not experienced in quite some time.

"Having my own bed, and him having his own place. But, not gonna hold too many high hopes on it. You know there's a lot of people out here."

And from all those people, Dimarco said he hopes he and his dog will have a fair shot at safe and comfortable housing.