LOS ANGELES — A hole in the ground may be proof to city leaders they're trying to move heaven and earth to respond to the homeless crisis.

A crew got a call for emergency sewer repair Thursday, and it turns out they're laying the groundwork to install a public shower hookup on the corner of Globe Avenue and Venice Boulevard—right in front of George Frem's business Exclusive Motors.

Los Angeles Councilman Mike Bonin's office says the showers aren't permanent. They will be brought in twice a week for people who are homeless, living under the 405 freeway.

"We used to think that they are incompetent, but now we understand that they have a totally different agenda," said Frem.

He said his security cameras have caught blatant drug use at the encampment, and users pull over and stop for injections in their car. There was also a shooting there in April.

"Here they can deal, they can sell, but they don't get arrested," Frem said.

Just up the street, neighbor Marcus Jackson can't believe his eyes.

"I think the city's just making it worse," Jackson said. "You know, if they had the homeless in their neighborhoods, would they want shower hookups and porta potties with his and the elderly living here?"

But Bonin's office said this project is about sanitation amid worries an exploding homeless crisis could become a public health crisis.

Multiple stakeholders told Spectrum News 1 they have dedicated many resources to this encampment and it's working.

The lead of the Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific Division said they were once tracking as many as 40 permanent members there.

Captain Brian Morrison said it's now down to less than 20. Many have been placed into housing and services, but Jackson points out that not everyone who is homeless wants help.

Both sides can agree that this major change to the street corner means the encampment is likely there to stay.