Overcoming homelessness requires hard work, dedication, and commitment, according to Roderick Norseweather.

He was homeless for two years, living under an abandoned truck. His mother died, he lost his home, and he was addicted to drugs. He says his life was going nowhere, until he came across Food on Foot.

“Without this program I don’t know where I would have been,” says Roderick.

Food on Foot, is a nonprofit organization that helps homeless individuals find jobs and eventually permanent housing.

According to Food on Foot, 85 percent of people who get jobs through the program are still employed one year later.

Meetings are held every Sunday in Hollywood for anyone looking for change.

Roderick graduated from the program and now has a full-time job, his own apartment, and he is sober. He returns every other Sunday to offer others support and advice.

“There is nothing better than helping someone who went through what I went through,” says Roderick.

During the program, members take classes to help with life skills, money management, crisis management, and more. They also receive group therapy, clothes, shoes, and food. They volunteer to help clean the streets of Hollywood to give back to the community.

Another aspect of Food on Foot is the Sunday Meals Program. This is where volunteers help feed the hungry. Meals, snacks, and drinks are given to anyone in need.

If you would like to donate your time or clothes, visit the website for Food on Foot.