Santa! He gets about a bit! But he never misses — that old fella really is accurate. So how does he do it? The answer may astound you. Is he up to SNOW good?

Here is 5 things to know...

  1. In short, the main way the big man delivers all around the world at Christmas is with three big letters: G.P.S. the Global Positioning System. Although, Mrs Claus will tell you it means the Global Position Of Santa, which is fair enough.
  2. So how does it work? Let us simplify. There are many satellites circling or orbiting our planet, constantly sending signals to tell us where they are as well as ground stations on Earth that send out signals too. Essentially making an invisible 3D grid around our planet.
  3. In our phones, there are GPS receivers that grab those signals and can figure out how far away your phone is from where the signals are being sent — basically creating an X-marks-the-spot cross like on a pirate's map — the coordinates of where your phone is.
  4. And because the world has been so well mapped — your phone can use those coordinates to locate itself on a map in an app on your phone and — voila! You know exactly where you are in the world! It can even tell if you’re high up or low-down — your altitude — and all of this is done in the blink of an eye...
  5. Some might say it’s magic — Mrs. Claus certainly does but really it’s just science and math working in harmony to help Santa figure out where he is in the world and how and where he needs to go in order to make his next delivery on time. And let’s face it, Rudolph’s nose can only light the way so far!

So now, you know that Santa is a science-dude it all makes much more sense that he’s using GPS like we do, except, unlike us, the only way he might ever get in a jam whilst traveling is if he gets stuck down a chimney! Ho, Ho, NO!