It’s all about repetition. All you need is tape, wrapping paper, and a pair of scissors.

Now just make sure you have enough to wrap more than 3,000 gifts. At the 26th annual Beach Cities Toy Drive, more than 400 people gathered to wrap toys for 10 local charities.

“It’s really a great time for kind of doing these Christmas things,” said Joe Franklin.

Franklin and his wife Nancy are longtime residents of Manhattan Beach. Even though it’s known to be the season of giving, these two are happy to be part of a community that enjoys giving back no matter what time of year it may be.

“It isn’t just this time of the year it’s all throughout the year. That’s the kind of residents that we have here and friends in Manhattan Beach,” said Franklin.

Once the toys are wrapped, the boxes of gifts are taken to the trucks.

And once loaded, the next step is to take them to the kids.

At the Salvation Army in Redondo Beach, kids are playing with toy nativity scenes and talking about what's on their Christmas wish list this year.

“Outfits, LOLz, toys, Squishies,” said one little girl called Chloe.

Little do the kids know, but the special someone in a red suit they asked for gifts from, is about to make a surprise appearance.

“Ho ho ho,” booms a red-suited, bearded Santa as he makes his entrance.

St. Nick greets the crowd as he prepares to deliver the gifts.

He’s brought one sack per child with him.

One by one the kids come up and pick up the toys that generous strangers have donated and wrapped for them.

The excitement on their faces show just how thankful and happy they are to have received these donated gifts.

And thousands of kids in need across Los Angeles will have similar reactions this Christmas when they open their presents from Santa, and Beach Cities Toy Drive.