NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – School spirit is high with the pressure of the California Interscholastic Federation playoffs. Newport Harbor High School’s Corona Del Mar King’s Krew has one of the best student bodies in the Southern Section.

For every team, in every sport, fans can change the complexion of a game. Senior Nicholas Rottler is one of the student leaders of one of the best student sections in CIF high school football - the Corona Del Mar High School King’s Crew.

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Rottler is hanging signage at Newport Harbor High School, getting ready for CDM’s second round playoff game.

“We do a lot of cool things. We really get the school going. And we’ve increased the school spirit a ton since we started,” said Rottler.

The King’s Krew pays homage to the high school’s Sea King mascot, but they are an event crew of their own. The Krew uses flares to get their fans pumped and as kickoff approaches, the cavalry arrives.

School spirit isn’t what it used to be, and in an era where it’s hard to get kids involved, the King’s Crew has helped get up to 1,000 students at their games. Together they provide more than just the “Rah-Rah.”

In fact, the Krew is actually a class called King’s Krew Athletic Leadership. Baseball Head Coach Kevin McCaffrey teaches the course, which combines the associated student body with skills that teach future leaders how to motivate and inspire others.

“It’s the cool thing to do now. And these kids want to get involved. It’s pretty neat, the vibe on campus. Each of the last three years it’s gotten better and better. And this year the kids have been doing a great job at all of our games, all of our events,” said McCaffrey.

As the points tally up, the Krew keeps the spirit high and for 11 players on the field, the Krew is the twelfth man in spirit.

“That’s what being a leader is. It’s getting your team, in our case our team is our entire school, excited to support each other. And that’s how you get things done. And that’s how you become successful,” said Rottler.