Research shows that nearly half of those who get COVID-19 barely have a clue that they’ve got it. If that’s the case then it’s simple math: Cut down the virus’ ability to spread.

And how do you do that? With a mask! 

1. Infectious diseases have what’s called an 'R,' a reproduction rate. The higher the R number, the faster and wider it spreads. The lower the R number, the quicker it dies out. Models have shown that if 80 percent of people wore just cloth masks, we could bring the R number right down and stop the spread. 

2. If you have COVID-19 (without knowing you’ve got it) and you don't wear a mask, medical and viral experts say you’re allowing droplets of the virus from your mouth to have a party all over the place. You’re putting others at risk! 

3. If you have COVID-19 (without knowing you’ve got it) but you do wear a mask, you are actually able to protect others much more effectively even if they DON’T wear a mask. You’re showing you care about them and the vulnerable members of their families.

4. Not wearing a mask means your actions might at worst end the life of someone you’ll never meet or perhaps leave them with permanently scarred lungs. If you knew you did that to someone how likely would it be you wished you could go back in time and wear a mask?

5. If you have COVID-19 (without knowing you’ve got it) and you wear a mask and everyone you meet wears a mask, this is the most effetive way to protect others and yourself. You might not even have it, but someone else might! That way everyone is covered. The R number drops and the virus has nowhere to go.