COMPTON, Calif. – Dr Dre is “still” making moves for his community. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, he and Jimmy Iovine decided to make an impactful financial donation to the City of Compton for meals and to help expand testing kits.

Compton native Felicia Chavez, a local MFT, says resources are exactly what the city needs.


“We’re just kind of lacking I think resources, enough resources, because they are definitely doing something. But I also think we’re lacking coming together as a community to fight for the things that we need to get the help,” she said.

According to the City of Compton, there are individuals each day being turned away from testing due to barriers ranging from lack of insurance, lack of documentation, and general economic hardship. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s donation then, aims to reduce those barriers.

Chavez says Compton’s preexisting challenges makes a global pandemic that much harder to deal with.

“Most of Compton is people of color. And unfortunately a lot of people in this community are below middle class. And we were already struggling before this pandemic happened. And now that it has happened, now we are like okay what do we do? But it goes beyond this pandemic time, its also making sure you vote. And not even for just presidential, but you know locally and things like that. For your own community,” said Chavez.

That is why the leadership of Compton’s young Mayor Aja Brown has been so instrumental. Her innovative ideas, and working with entrepreneurs like Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, give a bit of relief to the city during this time of crisis.

“Dre is just really, number one, he has just such incredible love for the city of Compton. Most people don’t know the many philanthropic efforts he does behind the scenes. And so when he reached out and wanted to know how he could help, my heart was full, overjoyed. When the impact first started with COVID 19, I immediately thought about ‘this could accelerate gentrification in our community,' so there is a definite need to stabilize our existing fabric, and then also plan for our long term future,” Mayor Brown said.

The future of the city is in many ways dependent on how residents choose to effectively work together. Chavez hopes Dr. Dre’s example of generosity will inspire the whole of the Compton community to stand up for one another.

“To see somebody come up in the struggle, understand the community, and still kind of what it is back when he was coming up, to provide these resources for us, I think is amazing,” said Chavez.