SOUTH LOS ANGELES – The line wraps around the block as members of Unite Here Local 11 wait for food.

People who work in places like stadiums, the airport, and hotels came to receive help. Attendee Celso Mamaid is a room attendant at University of Southern California Hotel.

“We had like 15-room attendants and now there are six room attendants working now,” says Mamaid.


Unite Here Local 11 is offering food for its members, many of them have been laid off or had their hours reduced. The union represents 32,000 service workers throughout Southern California.




Members are able to take home two bags filled with canned foods, poultry and fruit.

“I got some cereal and some oranges,” Mamaid said.

For Mamaid, the groceries are a reminder that he and his family are not alone. On the other side of the building, hundreds of union members are in another line, getting help with collecting unemployment.

Alejandro Velasco drove from Irvine to get help.

“It is hard when you have a family, children to feed. It’s hard to come and have no job,” said Valasco.

As for Mamiad, he is not planning on filing for unemployment just yet, instead planning to use vacation time he had saved up to visit his family in the Philippines.

“My three weeks vacation, I’ll probably use it here, staying home and wait until this virus is over,” he says.