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GLENDALE, Calif. – It’s a routine Samantha Harris has done repeatedly for the last six years - sanitize her massage table. This day is no different. Except, this massage therapist now has no clients.

“It’s a fear in every industry right now,” Harris said.

The State of California has suggested people limit hands-on massage therapy because of the coronavirus outbreak, which means Harris is pretty much out of work. 


“I’ve had to apply for food stamps online because I have two kids that I have to feed every day. I have to make sure I have enough money for rent coming up at the end of the month,” she said. 

Even though she lives in Glendale, Harris is an independent contractor at two massage facilities in Los Angeles, so she’s hoping she’ll be able to take advantage of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan to help small businesses.

The mayor unveiled those plans on Tuesday, which will see the city lot out millions of dollars in micro-loans for small businesses.

“That might be able to help us employees or 1099 contractors that are still working at these businesses, get paid at least some type of minimum,” Harris added.

As a single mom, she’s using this time to bond with her daughters. Even though she’s scared of not being able to provide for them. 

“That’s our biggest fear, of having to move out of our place because you know, Los Angeles County is not the cheapest county to live in,” Harris explained. 

She hopes she and her daughters can dance through this unprecedented time until things return to normal. 

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