LOS ANGELES — Hollywood movie star Danny Trejo joined "Your Morning" to announce his restaurant’s collaboration in honor of National Burrito Day.

The film icon and business owner teamed up with a Los Angeles chef to bring spicy chicken burritos between their two restaurants.

Trejo launched “Trejo’s Tacos” as his first restaurant in LA in 2016. The Mexican-inspired taqueria serves burritos, tacos, bowls and plates with a variety of inclusive vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

(Trejo's x Hotville Collab)

Kimberly Prince launched a new location to her family-owned business, Hotville Chicken, in LA at the beginning of a global pandemic in 2019. She is the chef behind her location's tasty fried chicken spices and owner of the family's franchise that originally opened in Nashville in 1936.

Pictured here is Kimberly Prince. (Trejo's x Hotville Collab)

While Prince was still new to the area, Trejo wanted to make sure Hotville Chicken’s business was doing well while many businesses were closing due to pandemic hardships. After postponing the collaborations they had in early 2020, it was still important for Trejo to reach out and make sure Prince’s business was doing OK.

“It’s a new restaurant, and it’s our community. If one dies, we all die. So let’s just do whatever we can,” said Trejo.

Growing up in Echo Park, Trejo was not only inspired to bring his organic dishes into Los Angeles but also to give back to his community.

“When people come into my restaurant, I want them to fill like they’re coming into my living room…we’re having dinner in front of the TV," he said. 

(Trejo's x Hotville Collab)

Prince gave a sneak peek of what food lovers could expect from the collaboration.

“We’ve got spicy Nashville style fried chicken in burrito formed, taco form, and bowl forms,” she said.

Each dish is seasoned with Hotville Chicken’s signature sauce and secret blends, cayenne pepper, ghost pepper and Trejo’s tacos' signature creamy chipotle sauce.

The collaboration of Trejo and Prince’s spicy burritos kicks off Thursday night at Trejo’s Cantina in Hollywood.