LOS ANGELES — As restaurants in L.A. County have been ordered to stop in-person dining, the iconic Apple Pan on West Pico has spent the past week preparing for its busiest holiday of the year.

For those holding down the kitchen, rest finally comes on Thanksgiving Day.

What You Need To Know

  • The Apple Pan in Los Angeles opened in 1947

  • This year, the iconic restaurant filled over 1,500 pie orders before Thanksgiving

  • To view their menu, visit https://theapplepan.com

Hector has been helping the Apple Pan fulfill its orders for over 40 years.

“Well, our pies are the best," he said. "I mean, there’s no other pumpkin pie in the city. The apple pie is the number one seller, and the banana cream is just the favorite of everybody."

This year, the restaurant filled over 1,500 pie orders before Thanksgiving. Since opening in 1947, the restaurant is one of L.A.’s longest standing, with a motto that promises “quality forever."

But in the face of COVID-19, the historic eatery made some big adjustments to adapt. Orders can now be made over delivery apps, and prior to the latest county restrictions, The Apple Pan built a patio for outdoor dining.

In the midst of all the change on the outside, the recipe for success in this kitchen has remained constant.

"It reminds them of years gone by, and it’s a happy feeling for them," said Hector.

In a year like 2020, an Apple Pan signature pie is a much needed taste of joy to finish off that Thanksgiving dinner — that is, before you go back for seconds.

To view the Apple Pan menu, visit https://theapplepan.com.