REDLANDS, Calif. – Pubs, cocktail bars, and breweries are all built on the premise of being social — offering customers a chance to come in and socialize over a drink. 

However, in today's climate where social distancing rather than socializing has become the new normal, many SoCal drinking establishments have been left scrambling to adjust. 


Escape Craft Brewery in Redlands is typically packed on any given night, offering special themed parties and other events throughout the week. In fact, according to owner Melissa Fisher, nearly 90 percent of their income comes from inside the tasting room. 

"Normally the bulk of our sales come from people coming in to hang out with us," she explained. "They’re celebrating birthdays, having a beer with friends, playing a board game and now, we can’t do that."

Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the statewide closure of all cocktail bars, pubs, and breweries. While they will still be allowed to operate in a takeout or delivery system, they will not be permitted to welcome customers inside to enjoy their products. 

"People usually come in here to grab a pint and then they get some beer to take with them, so we are having people coming in to get beer, but the majority of our business is just gone," Fisher said. 

It stands to be a huge economic toll for Escape and other local pubs and breweries. Fisher admitted that her business has enough capital to carry them through the next two weeks, but would not survive a long-term shutdown without some sort of cash infusion. 

"It’s been rough, there’s a lot of unknown going on, not a lot of clarity in what’s happening," she said. "Not knowing if it’s going to be two weeks, three weeks, a month or three, that’s huge because we don’t know how to prepare."


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We just received confirmation that we will be allowed remain open strictly as to-go for beer. Friday:12-8pm •Sat 12-8pm •Sun 12-6pm To make things smoother & to get you out as fast as possible, please call ahead we will get it ready for you🍻909-713-3727 curbside pick up is available Every surface is disinfected regularly & we’re practicing extremely conscientious distancing. We are trying to continue to support our employees- they have families to support. Rest assured, we take the situation extremely seriously. We appreciate you SO MUCH during this challenging time for everybody💕 As you know changes are happening often and we will keep you updated as much as possible 🚨New Beer & it’s freakin Delicious!! “It’s All Right” is a juicy double IPA loaded w/ Styrian Lotus & Wolfe, & Cashmere hops= monumentous notes of orange, tropical, strawberry, passion fruit, & melon. 8% Zack Morris called, & he wants his vacation in a can! 16oz 4 packs sale price $15🎉 open 2-8 today•12-8 Fri AVAILABLE CANS 16oz 4packs •Redlands Nights orange blossom blonde 5.2% •Sakura cherry blossom white wheat 5.5%•Daydreamer American blonde 5.2% •Joyride European Pilsner 4.9% •Moon Pigeon hazy pale ale 5.9% * It’s all right! Hazy DIPA 8% •Civil Disturbance Citra IPA 6.9% •Lazy Day IPA 7.1% •Chocolate raspberry fantasy imperial stout bottles 10.5% 22oz • • • • • • • • • CROWLER 32 or 64oz /GROWLER FILLS 32oz •Carry-on sour nectarine blackberry 4% •Cheeky Tiki pineapple kiwi 7.5% •Fuzzy Navel milkshake IPA w/ peach 7.5% •Midnight express coffee chocolate oatmeal milk stout 6% •Scout-out Cinnamon coffee Porter 6.5% •Neapolitan complex imperial pastry stout 9.4% •Road Rage Imperial red 10% Call for Redlands delivery 909-713-3727 Ps. Everything in cans above can be a crowler fill. Stay safe & be kind #redlandslove #redlandsbrewery Art by @gabegonzart

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 She has been trying to concentrate on what they can do now, putting employees to work on maintenance and production, while encouraging the community to pick up products to go. Another idea for supporting local businesses, is to purchase a gift card. 

"That means that you support us now and it’ll help carry us into the later," Fisher explained. 

Fisher will also look into delivery options if the new regulations continue. 

"Whether or not it’s going to be enough sales to keep us going, we’re not sure, but it’s something we’ll do," she said. "We’ll do anything to keep us going."

If you'd like to support Escape Craft Brewery, they are open for pickup after 2 p.m. or visit their Instagram Page for more info