ORLANDO, Fla. — Seminole County siblings created a plan to connect seniors staying home during the pandemic to the healthcare they need.

What You Need To Know

  • Nonprofit helping seniors get access they need to telehealth

  • Verna siblings collect old smart phones people donate 

  • Nonprofit has expanded to 26 states, complete with tech support

Rising Lake Highland Prep junior Arjun Verma co-founded TeleHealth Access for Seniors with his sister Hannah Verma.

“Many elderly patients who are the most at risk population, they simply only have flip phones or don’t have access to a phone at all, and they need smart devices for these telehealth appointments,” he explained.

The idea to help grew with support from his big sister. The siblings started passing out flyers, asking friends to donate old smart phones to give to seniors.

“We get emails almost every day from clinics or even individual patients who are requesting assistance or devices, so I think it is very evident that this is kind of a nationwide issue,” said Hannah Verma.

Since they started TeleHealth Access for Seniors in March, their nonprofit expanded to 26 states complete with tech support, translators, and a team of volunteers. They’ve collected more than 1,000 devices to disinfect and distribute. Recently they delivered some to the Lake Nona VA hospital to expand the digital access there.

“Having electronic devices donated for our veterans is not something in the past we've really gotten a lot of because you know they're expensive they're not something that a lot of people normally donate but it really means the world to all of our veterans,” said Adelina Sowell, Orlando VA Medical Center Chief of Voluntary Service.

If you want to support TeleHealth Access for Seniors, you can volunteer, donate smart phones tablets or laptops with a working front camera, or give money for them to buy more tablets to distribute.