RIO DELL, Calif. (AP) — Humboldt County authorities have released the latest statistics on recovery from the December earthquake and aftershocks that struck the Northern California coast.

Approximately 91 structures have been red-tagged as unsafe to occupy and more than 300 structures have been yellow-tagged, indicating they require safety repairs, the county said in a statement Tuesday.

The county assisted about 117 households with temporary shelter and that program is no longer accepting new applications, but residents with red-tagged homes or certain yellow-tagged homes may be eligible for shelter voucher extensions.

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck offshore on Dec. 20 and was followed by hundreds of aftershocks including a magnitude 5.4 on Jan. 1.

Damage was largely focused on the small city of of Rio Dell. A recently approved City Council action on housing recovery noted that the 91 uninhabitable structures included 125 dwelling units and that nearly 300 people were displaced.