Climate change is bigger than all of us, but that doesn't mean that as individuals, we are helpless. There are small solutions available that can help contribute to the bigger picture, and one of those is micro wind.

Here are five things to know:

  1. Wind turbines are a familiar site all around the world. But how about the micro version? Despite their small size, micro wind turbines can still pack a mighty punch. Over one million of them have been helping light up homes and power kitchens in Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia for some time now.
  2. The principle is simple; energy without the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. And they can operate at wind speeds of 9 mph, which is the average wind speed of somewhere like Las Vegas.
  3. These small-scale turbines use the wind to help power areas that are off the electricity grid. Because they're small, they also avoid the criticism some have of the larger models, which have been criticized as noisy or an ugly eyesore.
  4. Plus, with the advent of better batteries, micro wind turbines will become more common. At the moment, they're not as efficient or as quick a return on what you pay for them as their bigger sisters. But as technology improves and more and more of them are produced in greater numbers, their costs will decrease, just like the electric car.
  5. And owing to their whisper-quiet and modern design, they look very different with blades that can catch the wind in any direction. They can also be integrated into buildings very effectively, like at the top of tower blocks where the wind is stronger. The Eiffel Tower already has had a few installed to power the first floor of the towers' shops and electricity needs.

Just when you thought the solution to our biggest future problem was macro, it turns out one of the many ways we can make a difference could be micro! It may seem small compared to its bigger brother and sisters, but the micro wind turbine could really be all the proof we need that small actions really can have big results.