LOS ANGELES — As the unions and studios engage in a battle over wages and residuals, the financial hardships faced by industry members are being highlighted.

“When it comes to royalties, I can’t even tell you how unfair it is. I think if you were to ask, you know, any actor when they get their royalties — we’ve seen it on Twitter — People are showing their pay stubs and the amounts are very, very low,” actor Naiqui Macabroad said. 

Below the line, workers may be even more severely affected by the current work stoppage. 

Bob Beitcher, CEO of the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF), disclosed that those seeking help are majority crew, teamsters and basic crafts professionals who are currently without work.

As the work stoppage persists, the MPTF is actively providing financial assistance and supporting those from across the entertainment industry who have lost their health insurance coverage. 

“The need is large. It is overwhelming. I have listened to some messages members have left for us, and they are messages of desperation, frustration, rage, anger, fear,” Beitcher said. 

Interested industry members can find out eligibility criteria and other information by visiting www.mptf.com

Beitcher also appeals for those who can help, to do so at this time.