LOS ANGELES — As the highly anticipated Barbie movie hits theaters, the marketing campaign behind the iconic doll has been nothing short of monumental.

Azusa Sakamoto, a Barbie influencer based in West Hollywood, has loved Barbie long before the movie. Her apartment serves as a personal Barbie Dreamhouse, adorned with over 500 dolls and Barbie-themed accessories.

Sakamoto, who is originally from Japan, became fascinated with Barbie at age 15 and dreamed of being a Barbie influencer before the term was coined.

With a combined audience of over 250,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube, Sakamoto’s influence was harnessed as a resource to amplify the Barbie movie’s marketing efforts.

The Barbie movie campaign, with a reported budget of $100 million, collaborated with over 35 brands, from Zara to Cold Stone Creamery to Bumble, creating a ubiquitous presence that resonated with consumers.

According to Jordan Cuddy, EVP, Global Head of Experience at Media.Monks, the success of the Barbie marketing lies in its ability to meet consumers where they are and engage them through relevant channels.

“It was just a masterclass and giving a film and an IP, a brand layer,” Cuddy said.

Sakamoto, along with countless Barbie fans, rejoices at the world’s growing awareness of Barbie.

Now the box office awaits to see if this massive marketing campaign will translate into a blockbuster success for the beloved doll on the silver screen.