LOS ANGELES — Eva Longoria, acclaimed actress and now director, has unveiled her debut film “Flamin’ Hot,” a powerful story that shines a light on the inspiring journey of Richard Montañez, a Mexican American man who went from being a janitor at Frito-Lay to a marketing executive.

The movie kicked off its release with a community screening at LA Plaza de Artes y Cultura, a community space and epicenter for Latino cultural events. 

The event featured food and vendors, including Tirzahs Mexi-Terrannean, a local restaurant that provided a menu inspired by Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

As the movie captures the attention of audiences, it has ignited a sense of pride and empowerment among the Latino community, serving as an inspiration and a call for greater representation in the industry.

The film’s availability for streaming on Hulu and Disney+ marks a significant milestone in the ongoing pursuit of diversity and inclusivity, promising to encourage more voices and stories from the Latino community to be seen and heard on a global scale.