LOS ANGELES — Streaming now on Roku is “Slip,” which is produced, written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones.

The series follows Mae (Lister-Jones), who is in love with her husband, but their relationship has little romance.

When Mae “slips” and has a one-night stand with a man she meets at a bar, she awakens the next morning to realize she’s entered a parallel universe in which she and her one-night stand are married — marking the start of her journey through parallel universes.

Mae must then continue to slip in and out of other realities and relationships in order to find her way back to her husband and, ultimately, herself.

“Women have sexual awakenings later in life, and I don’t think it is talked about enough,” Lister-Jones said. “When women give themselves permission, or are given permission, to really experience sexual pleasure, it is very transportive. I wanted to put that power on screen.”

Lister-Jones told Spectrum News she wanted to explore the subject of sex in a way that felt unapologetic and inspired women to be agents of their own sexual desire.

The themes explored in “Slip” are universal, whether one is in a relationship.

“I hope people feel seen,” Lister-Jones said. “I hope the show resonates and people go on a ride and feel turned on.”

Lister-Jones said she loves directing, and it allowed her to shape other performances with her own — an opportunity that few people experience, she said.

Emily Hampshire as "Sandy" in "Slip" on Roku.

“Slip” also stars Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd on “Schitt’s Creek”). In “Slip,” Hampshire plays Lister-Jones’ wife in one universe.

“She’s incredible. She’s such a hilarious actor, but also has so much pathos. We had so much fun building that relationship. She’s just such a dream,” Lister-Jones said.

“Zoe’s scripts were so amazing. When I got them, I binged them. It was so well-written, so relatable. I think we all wonder what it would be like, what it would have been if we had gone down a different path,” Hampshire said.

“Slip,” Hampshire said, is a female perspective, a journey that is so smart and accurate in how a woman’s vagina can be and is a portal.

“I was so impressed with Zoe. She’s a unicorn. I am constantly asking her to marry me,” she said.

Like most of us, Lister-Jones said that in real life, if she could be transported to another life, another parallel universe, she would like to be retired on a beach.

“Slip” is now streaming for free on Roku, and seven new episodes for a second season have already been written.


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