LOS ANGELES — It’s award season, and with that come ceremonies and the glitz and glamour. For Noveen Crumbie, a voice actor for almost a decade, it’s time to work.

“I love live announcing awards shows, the thrill and excitement of it," she said. "I love the chaos and everyone’s running around. And everyone gets to hear my voice. I’m the voice of God for the awards shows, and I think that’s just so awesome.”

The voice acting industry is 58% male and 71% white, according to career website Zippia. And an Annengerb Institiute survey found only 3% of all animation roles go to women of color.

"After getting into this industry I realized, 'Wow, I am one of the very few Black females who is doing live announcing and who are getting these big gigs in the voice over industry,'" said Crumbie. "And I’m really honoured and grateful to be someone that people can look up to."