BURBANK, Calif. — The ‘70s are calling — from a landline with the rotary phone, of course.

“Cindy and the Disco Ball," playing throughout October at the Garry Marshall Theatre, is much more than a casual throwback. It’s a time capsule, down to the shag carpet and cans of Tab purchased on eBay.

The original musical is a Cinderella story set in a Southern California high school in 1976. But don’t expect pumpkins and princes and friendly mice. This Cindy is a budding photographer who learns to stand up to her bullying stepsister and find her own artistic voice.

It also includes important messages about kindness.

“I think that the more times people hear about how to treat other people and how to participate in society and how to elevate whatever situation they’re in, the better,” said co-director and writer Joseph Leo Bwarie.

“Cindy and the Disco Ball” runs through Oct. 30.