LOS ANGELES — “Bridgerton” was the second-most-watched show in Netflix history, and now, in celebration of the second season premiere, fans can be transported to Mayfair, London in the year 1813, without ever leaving Los Angeles.

It is called "The Queen’s Ball — A Bridgerton Experience," and it is produced by Netflix, Shondaland and Fever.

Amidst such sophistication, who shall rise as the diamond of the season?

Hoping that it will be her the queen chooses, 22-year-old Chaela Bree started her evening with a promenade after traveling all the way to the high society of Los Angeles from Atlanta for the “Bridgerton” immersive experience.

“The aesthetic that they created, this royal court aesthetic, I’ve fallen in love with it,” Bree explained.

She fell so in love with the show, Bree had her dress custom made when she could find nothing quite up to Regency Era standards.

As she takes in the first sights of the experience, she said the show meant so much more than just entertainment to her. She really related to the characters, especially to Daphne for her poise and to Eloise for her independence as a woman.

“I can relate to Penelope, too, in a sense,” she said. “She brought a lot of power to a woman’s voice, even if she didn’t show her face.”

Bree was one of about 82 million across the globe who watched “Bridgerton” within the first four weeks of the show’s release.

The wild popularity helped the head of experiences at Netflix’s consumer products, Greg Lombardo, decide that fans would really enjoy being transported to London right from the iconic Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. 

“When we look at what types of stories to bring to life, certain shows just check a lot of boxes: does it have a world that we want to walk through and live in, does it have characters we want to know more, does it have roles we want to play? I think that’s what we try to focus on,” Lombardo explained.

The experience made Bree feel like she was the Diamond of the First Water.

After taking her digital portrait, she made her way to the ballroom. That would soon be the event of the season, with live music, a dance show and acrobatic performances. She took it all in, saying this show has had a lasting impact on how she has navigated her own love life, now filled with a lot more passion.

“It actually brought out a bit of romance in me, too,” she added.

Nothing like a trip back in time to help you find your voice in the future.

The Bridgerton Experience will go through June. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit bridgertonexperience.com.