If ever someone’s aura was palpable, it was Jamie Lee Curtis’, and the gentleness that radiates from her, like when she pets a therapy dog, it is an aura that comforts anyone needing comforting.

What You Need To Know

  • Make March Matter is a monthlong initiative where local businesses donate a portion of proceeds to CHLA

  • There are restaurants and businesses all over LA supporting the hospital this month. Go to www.MakeMarchMatter.org for the full list

  • To date, My Hand In Yours has generated more than $750,000 for the hospital

  • You can visit myhandinyours.com to support

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a place you will often find Jamie Lee Curtis, and it is a place that has her heart.

Curtis has one of those timeless generation-spanning careers.

If you do not know and love her from the horror-genre-building “Halloween” franchise, then you know and love her from the likes of “Freaky Friday.”

It’s a career that’s built a massive platform, a massive following and a massive ability to affect change.

After supporting another children’s hospital and doing charity work 25 years ago, Curtis returned to LA.  

“I came back to LA and called my local children’s hospital and was like ‘what can I do to help you because I love it here,’” she said.

And just like that, Curtis became one of their biggest supporters, from spokesperson to board member. Call it a mom being drawn to helping kids hurting from cancer, heart disease, kidney disease… call it a celebrity knowing the power of her influence.

Call it what you want, Curtis found her calling.

Then, in 2020, she took her support a step further, creating her own business, called My Hand In Yours, whose sole purpose is to support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“My hand in yours is what I write in cards when someone is going through a hard time. I will end it with ‘my hand in yours,’” she said. 

On their website, My Hand In Yours has different objects of comfort and love — a candle, a mug. The proceeds of the items, 100%, go to the children’s hospital.

While Curtis actively supports the hospital year round, right now she is lending her voice to their latest fundraiser initiative called Make March Matter, where businesses all over LA donate a percentage of proceeds to the hospital all monthlong.

Curtis said it is a way for all of us to support such a worthy cause.

“The institution is dedicated to their care and treatment regardless of families’ ability to pay,” she said. “We’re here for such a short time. I get so much attention. Every day of my life. If I can’t turn it around and put it back on an institution like Children’s, I’m not sure why I’m here,” she said.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The error has been corrected. (March 6, 2022)