LOS ANGELES — When he is not filming his latest hit movie, chances are Matthew McConaughey is mentoring teens. It is one of his biggest passions.

What You Need To Know

  • Visit the Just Keel Livin website to learn more about the nonprofit 

  • The fundraiser can be seen on the Spectrum News app

  • It airs Sunday at 5 p.m. PT

  • The nonprofit is now working to help those with the most urgent need through the JKL Texas Relief Fund — Texans impacted by the freeze

McConaughey and his wife Camila started their nonprofit Just Keep Livin to empower young people to lead better lives through mentorship and education to make healthy choices.

The nonprofit has after-school programs in Title 1 schools in 13 different cities all over the country. Their team gives kids eye-opening experiences — showing them the way to a better life. Its focus has always been on teens, and then Texas was hit by a powerful storm — the worst freeze the state has seen in 70 years.

"It's a debilitating disaster because, in a way, it's invisible. Fires, tornados, hurricanes, you see the graphic damage. This water damage you do not see it. You can drive down the street, and the neighborhood looks normal until you go in the front doors," McConaughey said.

Therefore, the Texas native pivoted. His nonprofit now works to help those with the most urgent need through the JKL Texas Relief Fund — Texans impacted by the freeze.

"[We're] helping out the elderly displaced from their home. We're helping restore those needs that people have that they lost," he said.

McConaughey and Camila organized a virtual benefit called 'We're Texas.' It included a lineup of Texas natives, residents, and supporters from George Straight to Kelly Clarkson to Miranda Lambert.

"I'm gonna be the DJ jammin' generosity," he said.

Matthew McConaughey has long been aware of the power of his influence and made it his mission not just to make good movies — but any chance he gets to inspire.

Powerful Oscars acceptance speeches are great and reach millions, but it's arguably his work at a macro-level that breeds the most change. 

It does not get much more boots on the ground than McConaughey.

"I want to have my hands in the clay breaking a sweat," he said. "I want to break a sweat doing the work I can do."

He can be found doing the work any given day – helping young people feel inspired to choose a better path.

"We worked with children in L.A. – took them to a beach cleanup in L.A. – who have never been to the beach," he said.

Whether it is helping kids all over the country, break the cycle, or stepping up in a crisis like he is in Texas, his reason is simple.

"I can. I am a have. If I can inspire you and give you an aspiration, so say I would like to incorporate that in my life, lend a helping hand where I can. I take honor in the opportunity to do that," he said.